All in the mind

Family, relationships, freedom, exposure,travel, world etc are not just words but a part of our life that define us for who we are. We all have different perspective of life but this doesn’t make other’s perspective wrong. I like my family and I love being with them, sharing my joy, sorrow, my everyday experiences. I […]

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First day at class

Year changes, time changes but what never changes is you. This is a true in my case. Today is the first day of the new year of my classes. I fix the alarm, but the alarm didn’t work. My second alarm which always walk me up also forget me today. I walk up, bath and […]

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Happy new year 2019

Hello guys, happy new year 2019! This is my first article of this new year. we all make so many resolution every year. So for the first day, I like to do the same. But this time with a difference, this time I want to write them down and review them at the end of […]

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Sayonara 2018

Hello everyone, today is the last day of the year. This year is so long, did a lots of things that I never thought I will ever do. This year made me learn a whole lot of new things, gave me new experiences ! Every year we learnt something new and each year is special […]

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About Me

Summer vacation, lazy days, new exam are over, my studies are almost complete, so many future plans but don’t know where to start.I was just surfing on the internet and then i saw an article about blogging. This is how i started my journey in his blogging community. Hello my name is Ravisha Kushwaha. […]

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