Trendy clothes or trash

Clothes are a very important part of our daily life. But in this era of style and fashion, clothes became a luxury instead of necessity. Now there are various brands trying to lure us with their bright beautiful expensive clothes. There are winter collection, summer collection, autumn collection, clothes collection representing different occasions, festival and […]

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Do we need superpower?

We all have been asked to choose a superpower that we’ll choose if given a chance and we all start to think of one. Some might want invisibility others might want one of superheroes powers. As a child, I often wonder what will happen if I get that magic wand or sakalakaboom boom pencil or […]

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Kabir das’s doha

Bura jo dekhan mein chala, bura na milya koi Joi mann dekha aapna, mujhse bura na koi Translation: When I searched for crooked people, found none bad, When searched my innerself , no one crooked like me. This is kabir das’s famous lines (doha). He was a famous 15th century mystic, poet and saint. In […]

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Sweetcorn capsicum sandwich recepe

Hello everyone, Its raining outside and I am enjoy my favourite sweetcorn capsicum sandwich with hot served tea. This is one of my favourite sandwich recepe. In my city you don’t have access to vegetables throughout the year(though you can buy from supermarket but my parents buy them from local people so we don’t). You […]

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Three Time Wasters

Hello guys, Do you believe in universe and that universe communicate in signs and signals with us. It give signs to us on different phases of life like when we feel low or when we are depressed, when we are expecting something. Sometimes we ignore that signs and sometimes we get that message. Something like […]

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How to say ‘no’?

When you node your head yes But you wanna say no! What do you mean ? These line from Justin Bieber’s song ‘what do you mean’ is not just a song but reality. I am one of the Justin Bieber’s fan. He is amazing (do you guys agree?). We often ask ourselves why we can’t […]

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How to make reading a habit

Hello everyone, Reading is a habit found in most successful people,but reading is not everybody’s cup of tea. Its an habit that we either have from birth or we acquire during certain period of life. For some, its a boring and uninteresting activity. I heard a lot of saying that they can’t read cause they […]

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